The Myth of Plain Jane: Why you’re not boring

plain jane


I admire women who can boldly wear red lipstick and totally own it without looking clownish or cheap.  It’s a feat that not many can accomplish.

I own red lipstick, but have only worn it once.   My husband said, “whoa!” and I started to shrink back with insecurity as to whether this whoa was good or bad.  Turns out it was just more of a surprised “whoa!”

I want to be the person who lives adventures and is quirky.  I want to have my own style and an edgy haircut.  It would be fun to be the person at the party with exciting stories of my travels or accomplishments.  I want to wear red lipstick without fear.  

Instead, many days I feel like Plain Jane.  My schedule is predictable, my wardrobe feels lacking, and I’m lucky to travel out of the state once a year. In the midst of the mundane it’s easy to feel boring.

This isn’t just a pity party.  Trust me. I’m going somewhere with this.

We feel like a Plain Jane when we compare ourselves to others who we perceive as more interesting.  It’s not that we are boring.   It’s just that our standards of what we consider interesting are set by how we measure up to others.  This isn’t an accurate measure.

You may feel boring, but you aren’t.  It just isn’t possible.  The Artist God created you.  The same God who paints the sunsets, thought rainbows into existence, and formed the delicate and intricate details of each flower. 

 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139: 13-14


 Boring?  You’re anything but!

It’s true sometimes that the way we live can feel boring, but it doesn’t have to define us.  If you want adventure, step out in faith to something God is calling you to do.  If you want to add excitement to your life, try something new. 

It’s okay to want to make changes to live a full life, but don’t give into the lie that you’re boring.  God has distinct purposes and characteristics that he created within you.  Seek him, and you will find those and learn to appreciate them.

And by all means let’s not be afraid to wear red lipstick every once and a while.

Do you have to fight those feelings of being boring?  Do you have a shade of red lipstick that you love?

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