Simple Solutions: Cradle Cap

cradle capI’m branching out  from some of the more serious posts like this one and this one and focusing a bit more on simple living.  I’ve already talked about how living simply can mean different things to different people.  One thing is for sure, we all love good tips that help to simplify an area of our lives.

Over the next several weeks I’m going to offer a simple solution to some of life’s little perplexities.  First up…

Cradle Cap

What is it?

Cradle cap, the common term for infantile seborrheic dermatitis, causes scaly patches on a baby’s scalp. It can cause thick crusting and white or yellow scales, but is not serious.  It usually will resolve itself within a few months with normal washing.  It can be seen in toddlers and children.

Both of my children experienced cradle cap, but my son continues (at age 4!) to have scaley, yellow patches.  As you can imagine he hates me picking and prodding at his head to get rid of them, but we’ve found an easy solution.

The solution:

Coconut oil.

Photo of Pure Coconut Oil 16 oz.

We tried using baby oil and conditioners, but none did the trick quite like coconut oil.

To treat cradle cap, simply rub a nickle size amount of coconut oil onto the effected areas of the scalp.  Massage the oil into the rough spots to soften the scaley patches.  Add more oil as needed.  You can let it sit for a few minutes while your child splashes around in the tub.  Massaging once again, use your finger nails or  a comb to remove the scaley patches.  I may have a gross problem since I enjoyed the challenge of this part and became a little obsessed with getting it all off.  I’ll look into a support group.

For  an added treatment, you could add a drop of tea tree oil to the coconut oil as you rub it on the scalp, but this is not  recommended for babies younger than 6 months of age.

That’s my simple solution!  Have you ever successfully treated cradle cap with coconut oil?  Do you have a simple solution to share?  




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4 thoughts on “Simple Solutions: Cradle Cap

  1. We just found that coconut oil works wonders for our toddler’s eczema on his legs! We rub in on slightly damp skin right out of the bath, and on dry skin in the morning and it keeps his skin so much healthier than anything else we’ve tried! Yay for the multi-purpose-ness of coconut oil!

    • Kelly, thanks for the tip on using it on damp skin and then again in the morning. We use it on those dry patches my son gets in the winter, but I think doing it the way you mention would make a bigger difference.

    • Let me know if it works for him. Doesn’t Nathan look so different? Sad that it is getting harder to remember him being that little.

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