Family Week: Two simple ways I’m connecting with my children

Here on Little House Big World it’s all about family this week.  I’ll be sharing a few posts to help you better engage with your family and keep you motivated in loving those closest to you.  Let’s get started with two ways to better connect with your children. connnect with child

Our morning routine typically goes something like this:

I get up early and go to the gym or have some quiet time before everyone wakes up. I come home and take a shower while the kids are eating their breakfasts or watching a cartoon. Clean up the kitchen. Make the bed. Start a load of laundry. Get the kids dressed.  Then they either spend time playing, or we get ready to head out somewhere. (Glamorous right?)

Routine can be a good thing, but it can sometimes get blurred with mundane.  I realized that our mornings, while often full of fun things as well as productive, were becoming too mundane and hurried.

I can plan fun adventures or do many things to be productive in my home, but those things are not nearly as important as connecting with my children on a deeper level.  I wanted to add a few small things into our days that would increase our engagement with one another and that would also quiet down the distractions around us.

Here’s what that has looked like in our home:


  • A morning walk:  Since I typically exercise without my kids, it’s been a while since we’ve gone walking together.  I love the leisurely pace of a walk though when it’s just for the pure enjoyment of moving in nature and not burdened by the need to keep up my heart rate. Our walks aren’t  long.  My son walks beside me  while little sis sits in the stroller.  I use this time to point out the things that God has made, and we each tell one thing we’re thankful for that day.  It’s been a fun way to chat, get some fresh air, and slow life down.storybook bible
  • Morning Meeting:  The former school teacher in me can’t help but call it this.   It’s basically a time where we sit together on the floor, read a Bible story, pray, and sing a song or two.  These are all things that we would typically do at some point in the day, but not always altogether in one sitting.  There’s something that makes it exciting to kids when you give it a name like “Morning Meeting” and give it a place in your schedule.  You can get creative with this time.  You could start a gratitude journal  and add to it each day by sharing what you’re thankful for together.  Perhaps you could use this time to memorize scripture or pray for an adopted people group. Make it your own and adapt it to fit your children’s ages and interests.

We don’t do both of these things every day, but we fit them in a couple of times a week.

What things do you do to intentionally connect with your child?

Do you already take walks together or have your own “morning meeting” of sorts?

How have you benefited from those times?




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