Day 8: Missionaries

Each year The Nester holds a 31 day writing challenge in October.  I’m on a journey of focused prayer.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, get all the details here as well as all of the other posts in the series.  I hope you’ll join me!   Now, on to prayer…

lamott prayer quoteWe’re into week 2 of  this 31 days, and I hope you are being blessed by your times of prayer.  Let me know how you’re doing in the comments.

Day 8: Missionaries

I honestly don’t like the name missionary (I have no good reason for this), but I don’t know what other term to use. So for ease of communication, I’ll just go with it.

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s focus.

The term missionaries is a bit broad, and I don’t plan to dictate what that means.  Simply pray for those that you give that title to.

Here are a few prayer points to guide you , if applicable:

  • An influence
  • Friendships
  • Financial support
  • Language learning
  • Reception from those they serve
  • Rest and Fulfillment
  • Encouragement

I don’t have first hand experience on what it is like as a missionary, but I can imagine that there are times of discouragement (as with any job and ministry). In addition to your prayers, offer encouragement to them today. Send an email, leave a Facebook message, or even put together a card or package to show you are thinking of them.

If you don’t know any missionaries personally, check with your church to see if there are any that you help to sponsor through tithes.  If you are connected to a certain church denomination, you can visit their website for a possible list of missionaries.  If neither of those are applicable,  pray for a certain people group and the missionaries that may be serving them, or choose an organization rooted in missions work and pray for that.

Check here to catch up on any of the days you’ve missed in the series. focused prayer thumbnail



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